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At a 3% operating margin, you have just 18 minutes to fulfill an average $100 online order before you lose money.

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A guide to developing an effective e-commerce RFP for your grocery business.

Why Partner with NoQ?

We are internationally recognized as a world leader in developing and delivering online and mobile e-commerce systems. Add to this our skills in providing you with our partnership and support expertise, and you'll quickly understand what sets us apart from the others.

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Why Native Mobile
is so important

By utilizing Apple's native code base, our intuitive IOS application makes use of many native features, but none more important than speed.

Our industry-leading development team have created an application that delivers the highest level of shopping convenience to customers. Using our 'hand off' feature customers can begin an order online and then seamlessly complete it on their mobile at a later time.

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Case Study

An independent grocer who are very successful in online shopping recently moved across to the NoQ system from their existing solution and these are some of the results within just 3 months.

About NoQ
A major player in the global ecommerce market

NoQ is a public unlisted e-Commerce company founded in 2010, specializing in online and mobile shopping for the Grocery and Liquor Industries around the world.

Our primary focus is on providing independent supermarket retailers with leading-edge online shopping solutions to compete in the significant, and rapidly growing, online grocery market.

We believe our strengths lie in our core management team and company philosophy of putting user experience at the top of everything we do. We have also thought meticulously about how the interaction process of an online shopping platform affects both your customers and your store staff. Consequently, our technology, regarded as one of the premium solutions in the world today, has resulted in a successful global tender win with a major shopping mall operator and significant investment from a major bank.

As an independent retailer, you can be sure we're focused on providing you with a complete online shopping solution including an integrated payment system, a fully responsive website experience, a native mobile application as well as quality in-store features such as a digital 'product picking' app and point of sale integration.

At the center of our core product offering is a solution which provides you with a custom (white label) designed, fully responsive website and a native mobile app, optimizing a customer's shopping experience, regardless of the device they are using. And with a significant proportion of NoQ purchases being made on a mobile device, the importance of competing with a strong mobile presence is considered essential for your grocery stores to remain relevant to your customers.